My name is Patrizia Mayer, I am an international chef of temporary cooking for some time here for the world and with the same love and passion I take care of the psychological well-being of the people called Tantra ... the real Tantra!
I’m an authentic tantric practitioner providing sensual tantric massage and other complementary services to help people with stress both physical and emotional, anxiety and depression.  As well as sexual dysfunction, libido, impotency, intimacy and relationship problems.

My sacred intimacy practices are drawn from an ancient sciences known as Tantra , whose spiritual disciplines work directly with sensual energy. Enjoy the pleasure of discovery with a beautiful woman who understands intimacy secrets to heighten pleasure and unlock the feeling energies of the heart.
Only appointment Whatsapp!
My Studio Municipality:  Gavardo-BS

Ritual Tantra Massage
You do not need experience, I will be your guide
All services are included before and after shower..

The study opens at 10am and closes at 08pm.

Only Whatsapp Appointment!!

ONLY SINGLE-Not couples:

 No sex! No 2 men's
Ooops! I am a professional, respectful and super gentle. But I do not like dirty, rude and overbearing people.
The study is simple and sanitized. Shower before and after, shampoo, soap natural and soft towels

Notice:The message will be practiced in full nudity, practitioner and receiver

Whatsapp Book-Send a message only if sure of the date and time you want the appointment
Whatsapp Book
!!Not call voice!!
Only message text Whatsapp +15185243122

I work seriously, so avoid asking for an appointment if you are not sure and decided
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The new address is this:
Municipality: Gavardo-BS

Minimum of 2 houres notice!